The Company's Focus

September 20, 2012

Develop and execute Cuban market entry strategies and U.S. market entry

strategies for Cuban entities when allowed.

Develop affordable retirement communities focused on wellness, health care

services and amenities targeted for moderate, fixed income purchasers.

Identify and develop real estate opportunities for social interest housing and in

the tourist and resort sectors.

Identify strategic investment opportunities in foreign companies already doing business in Cuba.

Arrange trips and person to person meetings with the government and potential

 joint venture partners.

Regularly monitor business and political conditions on behalf or clients through

our monthly newsletter and weekly reports.

Identify branding opportunities with strategic partners.

Identify and coordinate funding strategies.

Obtain U.S. Treasury Department Travel licenses.

Do general and sector specific market studies and research.

Arrange seminars and conferences in Cuba, regionally and in the U.S.

Coordinate trademark copyright and patent registrations and protection.

Create an “investment fund” to invest in companies that are now

doing business in Cuba.