Projects & Representative Clients

November 27, 2015

Projects & Representative Clients *


 ·       Chairman , CEO & Founder of MGI Industries a manufacturer of extrusion tools and dies, metal casting furnaces and plants, metal trading and plant management for the aluminum and copper extrusion and casting industries.  Latin American, European & U.S. clients include: Alcoa, Alcan, Reynolds, Kaiser, VAW, Anaconda, Alusuisse, Pechiney, Votorontim, Cuprum, Madeco S.A. Sural, Venalum, Alcasa, Aldeca S.A. and Metalex- Inconel.


·       Advised and assisted American Airlines ( in their Aviation Treaty Negotiations and Landing Rights issues throughout Latin America at the Presidential and Cabinet Level – pre-open skies when every country was protecting its own national airlines with more favorable treatment. American Airlines ended up as the dominant player in the market.


 ·       Represented and developed the political strategy to make sure the bidding process was transparent.  Our consortium the Ogden Corp. Eduardo Eurnekian, Aeropuertos  2000  (  won the Privatization of 33 airports in Argentina a USD $5.1 Billion deal – the largest privatization of airports in the world at the time.


·       Represented Iridium Satellite Communications ( inventor of the hand held satellite phone. We developed their market entry strategy in Latin America and helped them execute the strategy and develop marketing channels along with private and government clients.

·      ·   A Founder of Spectrum Telecommunications, the first IP Telephony Company in Latin America and secured telecommunications licenses in Argentina, Brazil, Chile & Peru. Ultimately sold the Company to Terremark Worldwide (NAP of the Americas) which itself was later sold to Verizon ( for $1.2 billion.

·       Advised & Assisted Opterna, (a manufacturer of last mile communications equipment); Motorola; World Access and Hablapp (a company that developed an online pre-paid long distance service) on sales and marketing in Latin America.


·       Advised Franchisors on their expansion and development strategies in the U.S. and Latin America:  The Maids (,   Nathans, Burger King, Sonic, and Cool de Sac

Retail Distribution

·       Advised and sourced retail distribution channels, joint venture partners, agents and representatives in a variety of industries – office, home & industrial equipment, industrial supplies, toys and household goods throughout Latin America.


 ·       Strategic advisors to Langan Engineering & Environmental Services, a 45 year old diversified global engineering group ( on a Latin American Market Entry Strategy including introductions to potential clients, joint venture partners, agents and representatives.


·       Advised Camargo Correa Group ( A 75 year old Brazilian privately  owned Brazilian Company with interests in cement, energy concessions, transport concessions, engineering, construction, apparel & footwear, real estate development, shipbuilding and offshore oil platforms.  Sales in USD. $ 10,000,000,000 (2014). We provided advice to the family that are the principal shareholders on geo-political matters in the region and market intelligence in the U.S. and collaborated on various projects together.

Retirement Communities

·       We purchased 1,300 acres of land in Merida, Mexico with a group led by Pedro Aspe (former Finance Minister of Mexico who managed NAFTA during his time as Minister). The concept was to build affordable retirement homes for sale or rent for the North American market in a place like Mexico that was affordable and culturally acceptable to North Americans and had all of the cultural and community needs nearby including health facilities.

Real Estate

·     Advised and assisted Milestone Management ( ,a real estate REIT which owns and manages 50,000 rental apartments throughout the U.S. with a concentration in middle class markets, in sourcing and developing institutional and high net worth  investors in Mexico.   

·       Providing a wide range of sales, financing and development services to an assortment of real estate entities in the U.S., Latin America and elsewhere.

 ·       Fisher Island Club (   – Helped raise the visibility and credibility of the club by facilitating visits by Presidents and other dignitaries from around the globe. In addition, we helped set up Latin American sales - especially in Brazil with very significant results. 

 ·       The Cliffs & Bald Mountain ( - A North Carolina master community lifestyle developer.  Advised on enhancing their marketing and product offering.     

 ·       Berkowitz Development Corp. & Skyrise ( – We are Latin American advisors to the development company on this $450,000,000 iconic project.

 ·       Belcampo ( – José Ignacio, Punta del Este, Uruguay – Advised them on market expansion and development for their Uruguay Holdings – a Several thousand acre estancia (ranch) and prime ocean front property. 

 ·       Portones del Mar   (   – Panama, - Assisted in raising capital in Panama and provided strategic advice on their condominium and marina development.

 ·       Sunvesta  (  – Paradisus Papagayo – Melia Hotels (  – Costa Rica – We are strategic advisors to the Sunvesta Group and Howard Glicken is a member of the Board of Directors of this 5 Star all inclusive $250,000,000  hotel and villas resort project in Peninsula Papagayo on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

 ·       Prodigy (   –  A  pioneer and industry leader in crowd funding in the real estate sector. We provided strategic and financial advice to the principal and founder.

 ·       EWM – Christies ( one of largest residential real estate companies in the U.S. We provided Latin American Sales Strategic Advice and intelligence. The Company is owned by Warren Buffett. 

 ·       Four Seasons Hotel & Residences Miami ( – Development by Millennium Partners one of the U.S. pioneers in marrying 5 Star Hotel Brands and services with condominiums as a means to enhance condominium  sales and prices.  We assisted in setting up the Latin American strategic sales plan and made introductions for direct sales.

 ·       Astrodome Property – Houston, Texas -   advised group who purchased the project on master development and financing.

Hospitality Sector  

 ·       Exclusive Resorts (Steve Case) ( – Assisted them in developing an enhanced Latin America Membership sales strategy and negotiated a joint venture arrangement for Latin America.

 ·       DCP Partners – Destination Club Partners one of the pioneers in fractional real estate ownership and management. We were strategic advisors on Latin American & Caribbean Opportunities.

 ·       Four Seasons Hotels – Helped promote the Four Seasons Miami Hotel and Residential Project in Latin America.

 ·       Paradisus Papagayo Bay – A 5 Star All Inclusive Melia Hotel in Guanacaste, Costa Rica ( villas, beach club and a selection of 9 different eating venues. Currently promoting the project in the U.S. and Latin America.

Country Economic Development

·       Bahamas – We have advised the Prime Minister on economic and business development and diversification potential from the tourism sector.

 ·       Chile – Advised the Government of Chile on enhancing economic development and attracting foreign capital particularly from the United States and other Latin American Region.

 ·       Argentina – We advised the President and Finance Minister on improving the business and financial environment in order to attract additional foreign investment from the U.S. and other Latin America countries.

 ·       Nicaragua – Advised the President on business and political relations with the U.S.

 ·       Costa Rica – Advised the Government on attracting foreign investment.

 ·       Brazil – We are one of the original members of the U.S. Brazil Business Council and an advisor to the Brazilian Government on business and political  relations with the U.S.

 ·       Mexico – Advised the Mexican Government on attracting U.S business and an early advocate of the highly successful “maquiladora” (duty free businesses oriented to export) program.


 ·       Four Seasons Miami ( – Helped design and enhanced Latin American viral marketing plan.   

 ·       Fisher Island Florida ( – Worked with the President and CEO on enhancing and promoting the image of the Hotel and Club by among other things bringing in Presidents and Dignitaries. Advised and helped execute their Latin American residence and membership sales strategy.

 ·       Rosewood Hotels San Miguel de Allende, Mexico ( – Advised and assisted the developers with their Mexican residence sales program.

 ·       Paradisus Papagayo Bay (Melia –Costa Rica), ( – Advising and promoting the project during the pre-opening period.

Security & Intelligence  

 ·       ROK Security & Intelligence – The developer of sophisticated hand held security & law enforcement management tools and systems. We helped them with Latin American Government Entities.

 ·       Kroll ( The leading global provider of risk solutions. They specialize in identifying, remediating & monitoring risk to business & financial enterprises and government institutions worldwide. They provide security and intelligence both physical and cyber. We advised and assisted their President and CEO of Latin America on various issues within the region.


 ·       Hablapp – An inventor of a pre-paid long-distance calling system through the use of cell phones – simple system one button push. We are assisting them in raising capital and designing their marketing and implementation approach in the U.S. , Latin America & the Caribbean.

 ·       Laser Summit Technology Inc. - The patent holder of Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) Lasek Eye Surgery, Later Merged with VISX combining their patents LASEK Surgery (Laser Eye Surgery) Excimer Laser – We assisted them with their original FDA approval process and then introducing and launching the product in Latin America.

 ·       Nanophotonica   ( provides innovative nano- technology based materials and fabrication techniques that enable electronic displays to have high resolution, pure, vivid colors, and high efficiency at significantly reduced manufacturing cost. – We advised and assisted the founder in raising capital and in refining their marketing strategy.

 ·       Citelum Mexico ( provides computer managedurban lighting, traffic management, systemsand all other urban electrical equipment needs. They manage electric lighting for Paris, London and Madrid as other cities throughout the world. We assisted them in the contract negotiations with Mexico City, Mexico and Monterrey, Mexico.

 ·       DBT Data Base Technologies Inc. ( – A sophisticated data mining company that provides services to law enforcement and intelligence communities. We advised the CEO and Founder on sales and implementation strategies.


 ·       State Street Bank/ State Street Global Advisors – The inventor of Index Funds and Largest Custodial Bank in the U.S. We brought them to Latin America thru the establishment of a joint venture in Chile that was used as a base of expansion throughout the Americas.

 ·       Credit Suisse – Advised on sourcing and enhancing Latin American High Net Worth clients.

 ·       Exchange National Bank of Chicago – Helped set up the first bank equipment financing program in the U.S.

 ·       Capital Bank Miami – Set up a Metals sales and Trading Division.

 ·       Metro Bank Miami – Shareholder and advisor to Chairman.

Financial Services & Investment Banks

·       LPL Financial Capital Advisory Partners ( The company has   14,000 financial advisors and approximately 700 financial institutions: inventors and pioneer  of providing back room services to stock brokers who could then go out on their own and by using LPL services and retain 90% of their commissions versus the industry standard of 50%. – We advised and assisted the Chairman & Founder on evaluating the Latin American Market.

 ·       Prudential Bache Metals – Worked with the President and trading department in providing physical gold and silver and hedge trading from Latin America. 

 ·       Violy & Co ( – Boutique Investment Bank specializing in dealing with wealthy Latin American Family Businesses. The founder and President Violy McClausland is legendary and has a significant track record with some of the most important transactions in the Americas. She became famous for her advising the Cisneros Family on the conversion of their Venezuelan Country Wide Pepsi Cola Franchise to Coca Cola overnight. - Howard Glicken is on the Advisory Board and continues to work with Violy in Latin American markets.

 ·       Exchange National Bank – Chicago – Set up and ran the Equipment Leasing Division.

Security Printing & Currency

·       U.S. Banknote is one of the oldest U.S. Companies and is a security printer for all types of security instruments and documents including checks, licenses, U.S. Stamps, Food Stamps, passports and currencies, stock certificates and other types of security documents. Note: Sidney Levy the former CEO of Brazil is the CEO of the Brazilian Olympics Organizing Committee – We represented them in Latin America and where we printed money (currencies)  for Costa Rica, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru.

Alternative Energy  

 ·       Real Asset Energy Fund ( – A $2 Billion Fund to acquire and manage alternative energy projects – 40% wind; 40% solar and 10% other. They currently own and manage over 20 plants in Europe and are now entering the U.S. market. Howard Glicken is on the Board of Advisors.

 ·       Grupo IUSA ( is an outstanding OEM supplier, providing materials for various industries, manufactures high technology metering systems for water, gas and electricity. We represented the CEO in assisting their  entry into various markets in Latin America.  


 ·       Southern Command ( isresponsiblefor all U.S. military activities in South America and Central America. Encompasses nineteen countries, representing about one-sixth of the world's population. Howard Glicken has been an advisor to virtually all of the past Commanders on political and geo-political matters in Latin America since its headquarters moved to Miami.  

·       Chile – F-16 purchase – Advised the Chilean Government and the the White House on the benefits of selling Chile F-16 Fighter Planes – this was the first sale of Modern Jet Fighters to a Latin American Country.


·       Advisors to U.S Government Agencies and U.S Embassy’s in Mexico, Central America and South America.

·       Advisors over the years to virtually every Latin American Country on relations with the U.S. at the Presidential, Cabinet and Ambassadorial levels. All pro-bono.

Government Relations Firms

·       ·    Dutcko Group   ( is one of the  top Washington Lobbying Firms – we advised them on client and project acquisitions in Latin America.

 ·       Patton Boggs (now Squire Patton Boggs), ( Washington DC –Tom Boggs, a founder of the firm, was known as the modern day founder of Washington Lobbying as it is done today. They are the largest Lobbying Firm by far and represent a variety of clients including many foreign governments. Tom Boggs is a partner in The Americas Group and we provide comprehensive advice and client sourcing to Squire Patton Boggs.

·       Commonwealth Group – Washington DC – Howard Glicken was a co-founder and Chairman and focused the firm on Latin America. 

 Merchant Banking

·       The Americas Group Cuba Business Enterprises (TAGCBE) & Fuego Enterprises (OnCuba), ( - TAGCBE was set up by The Americas Group (TAG) to source and develop business for U.S. business interests in Cuba once they became legal. We view Cuba as the last frontier for development in the Western Hemisphere. TAG sold 51% of TAGCBE to Fuego Enterprises whose CEO, Hugo Cancio is one of the most prominent and credible Cuban Americans in Cuba. Fuego has an office in Havana with 80 people and will be the platform for launching businesses throughout Cuba.

·       Spectrum Telecommunications – Was the first IP Telephony Company in Latin America and was co-founded and managed by TAG. The company had licenses in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru and was later sold to Terremark which later was sold to Verizon for USD $1.2 billion.

 ·       The Americas Group Real Estate is a real estate development and advisory firm formed by TAG and managed by its partner Frank Weed, the former President and CEO of Fisher Island. 

 ·       The Americas Group Financial Services (TAGFS) is a company that is organizing a sourcing network in Latin America to bring in people interested in immigrating to the U.S. with their families through the EB-5 Investment Visa Program.   The investor must invest $500,000 U.S. and create 10 jobs within 2 years and can then receive a green card for themselves & spouse as well as  their children under 21 years old. Given the instability and security concerns in serval Latin American Countries we believe this will be a high growth opportunity.            

 ·       The Americas Group Destination Club (TAGDC) – Organized to emulate Exclusive Resorts only focused on Latin American Destinations and Members.

Law Firms

·       Cadwalader Wickersham, Washington, DC – Advising a Senior Partner on a client matter in Brazil and Ecuador.

 ·       Squire Patton Boggs (Formerly Patton Boggs – Advisory services and client sourcing in Latin America.  

 ·       Lanny Davis & Associates LLC – Advisor to Lanny on Sourced Clients for Crisis Management & Legal Issues.

 ·       Ferrell Schultz LLC- Worked directly with Milton Ferrell founder and sole shareholder of Ferrell Schultz LLC to source Latin America Law firms to partner with Farrell Schultz in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Panama and assisted in the negotiations. 

Outsourcing Services

 ·       Arivum is an offshore/onshore outsourcing frim focused on sourcing Indian Professionals- we advised them on U.S. market opportunities and potential clients.


 ·       Marsh & McLennan Companies ( – Strategic Advisors helping  them source and expand clients in their wealth management and high net worth practice throughout Latin America.  


 ·       RCCL Cruise Line   ( -  A strategic advisor to their government relations management team on treaty and regulatory matters in Mexico and the Caribbean.

 ·       Veolia Transportation ( over 200 transportationcontracts for cities, transit authorities and airports, providing safe and sustainable mobility solutions. We advised on Latin American opportunities.

Culture & Arts

 ·       Performing Arts Center – Miami   ( The largest performing arts center in Florida the USD $470,000,000 Cesar Pelli designed facility that is the anchor to Miami’s rapidly growing cultural presence. – We represented the foundation on introducing and sourcing members and contributors from Latin America especially those with residences in South Florida.

 ·       The Coral Gables Art Cinema  (    is a state-of-the-art theater that opened in October of 2010 and is one of the best, most comfortable and highest grossing art houses in South Florida, presenting first-run and regional premieres of quality American independent and international features, both fiction and documentary, in addition to classic films, special programs and film festival events, which speak to the multilingual and multicultural diversity of the region. Mr. Glicken was a founding Board Member and assisted with the strategic fund raising plan. 

Entertainment & Restaurants

 ·       Jillians Billiards – Howard Glicken was a co-Founder and Chairman of Jillian’s Entertainment Corp., the owner and developer of the first upscale chain of Billiard Clubs and Restaurants throughout the U.S.

Metals & Mining

·       Metalbanc, a publicly traded NASDAQ company established to set up precious metals (gold & silver) physical sales and storage through U.S. Banks and to manage them for the banks. Mr. Glicken was the founder and Chairman of the company which grew to become the largest purchaser of mined gold in Latin America at the time.

 ·       Capital Bank – Established and managed the precious metals department.


·       Glicken Leasing Corporation/Leasing Corporation of America – Became the exclusive national distributor of Toshiba, one of the first color television manufacturers, to the hotel and motel markets. We were pioneers in Leasing Color TV’s to hotels and motels, helping them transition from black and white televisions to color. We offered a turnkey package which included trade in & service and ended up through the leases owning thousands of color televisions.  

 ·       Master Antenna System’s - the forerunner of cable TV – we designed, built and managed these systems in conjunction with improving the quality of signal to hotels and motels converting to color TV thru Glicken Leasing Corp and Leasing Corporation of America.

Equipment Leasing

·       Early pioneer Exchange Leasing Corporation – Buffalo was one of the first couple of equipment leasing companies in the U.S. and Howard Glicken set up and managed the South Eastern U.S. Mr. Glicken later founded , Glicken Leasing, and  Leasing Corporation of America both early pioneers in the equipment leasing field. Their portfolios were later sold to the Exchange National Bank of Chicago, at the time one of the largest wholesale banks in the country, serving people like GE Finance, Westinghouse Credit, GM Credit, Sears etc.

 ·       Exchange National Bank Chicago – Howard Glicken went to the family owned Bank as the marketing heir apparent and set up the equipment leasing division and ran it. Exchange National at the time was one of only 2 banks in the U.S. directly in the equipment leasing business.

NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations)

·       Inter-American Dialogue ( – The premier NGO focused on Latin America. We were among the first and earliest supporters and advisors to help create its private sector participation and presence.

 ·       Beacon Council ( A public and private non-profit agency working to support the business climate of Miami and Dade County. Mr. Glicken was a Board Member for many years and participated in helping bring companies to Miami and to create jobs. He was part of a 6 person delegation including the Miami Mayor to represent the Miami Dolphins in the first NFL foreign game in Wembly Stadium London.


 ·       Make–A-Wish Foundation of South Florida, (– The MAW foundation grants wishes to seriously ill children. The average wish costs USD $5000. MAW of South Florida grants about 500 wishes per year.  Mr. Glicken was on the Board for many years and is now Chairman of the Advisory Board. He and his wife were the founding benefactors of the Intercontinental MAW Ball which celebrated its 21st anniversary  in 2015 and raised USD $2,250,000 net to the charity that year.

 ·       Coral Gables Community Foundation Led by community leaders, the Coral Gables Community Foundation provides the philanthropic conduit to connect individuals and corporations looking to positively impact the success of the community for Coral Gables generations to come. Mr. Glicken was Chairman of the Foundation.


·       Baptist Hospital – Advised on Latin America strategy.

Educational Institutions 

·       University of Miami (– Was co-chair of the Latin American Advisory Council and advisor on Latin American relations and strategic relations with Latin Universities.

·       Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) ( one of the most prestigious universities in Brazil thought of by many as the “Harvard of Brazil” - Advised the President on sourcing key U.S. speakers (Pres. Carter, Bush & Clinton were speakers) and helping develop corresponding relationships with key  U.S. Universities.

 ·       University of Florida – Advised the business and government relations departments on U.S. / Latin American affairs.


·       Summit of the Americas – The historic gathering of all of the leaders of Central America, South America, Mexico and the Caribbean held in Miami, Florida - 33 Leaders from the region participated all but Castro. President Clinton and Vice President Gore were the hosts. We helped bring the event to Miami and were on the Executive Committee and Chaired the Finance Committee.

Trade Missions 

 ·       Mr. Glicken helped organize ,  coordinate and participated in the First Presidential Trade Mission under President Clinton led by Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. The mission used the Airforce One plane that was used by President Kennedy. There were 25 U.S. business leaders participating. The mission went to Brazil, Argentina and Chile where we met with Presidents, Cabinet Members and Business Leaders.

 ·       Coral Gables – Advised several Mayors on Business Development in Latin America in both directions.

 ·       Miami – Helped organize and participated in  a small trade and business development mission with the Mayor and about 15 business leaders to Argentina and Chile where we met with the Presidents, key Cabinet Members and Business leaders.

North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA)

 ·       President Clinton asked Howard Glicken to help advocate and lobby with Sec. of Commerce Bill Daley for approval of the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).  

Culture, Arts & Entertainment 

 ·       Strategic advisory services to Arscht Center Miami; MAM Museum of Modern Art Sao Paulo, Brazil ( ;Itau Cultural Sao Paulo, Brazil  (  

Political, Fund Raising & Campaign Strategy 

 ·       To domestic  national, state and local parties and candidates

·    To foreign national, state and local parties and candidates

Crises Management

 ·       Government

 ·       Business

 ·       Civil

 ·       Criminal

Public Relations; Government Relations; Investor Relations; Public Affairs; Other Services:  

 ·       We provided these services to a variety of private and publicly traded businesses and to  governments, government institutions, government leaders and other officials – Information available upon request.

* Note: Includes projects of Howard Glicken & The Americas Group “Family”  of Companies - Some Client Names are withheld due to Confidentiality – Details available upon request.