Mitchell Rubinson

        Mitchell Rubinson is an Investor/Partner in the Company and a well known and respected entrepreneur, businessman and investor. He has been engaged in numerous successful companies over his long career as a principal and/or advisor, as well as owning interests in several of those companies. He is currently a principal and advisor in The Opium Group (, the largest entertainment company operating in Miami Beach, Florida. He also has substantial real estate holdings in the South Florida Area.

        In 2002, Mr. Rubinson founded Armor Inspection Services, an environmental assessment consulting firm which was sold in 2003 to Test America.  In 2003, Mr. Rubinson founded Drill Publishing LLC, owner of Drill Magazine.  Drill Magazine is devoted to the men who serve in the United States Military.  In 2004, the magazine was sold to John Brown Publishing.

         From 1991 to 2000, Mr. Rubinson was Chairman of the Board of International Fast Food Corporation a listed company on NASDAQ.  The company was the exclusive Developer and Franchisee of Burger King Corporation and Domino’s Pizza for the Republic of Poland.  In 2000, the Burger King subsidiary was sold and in 2001 the Domino’s Pizza subsidiary was sold to Amrest, the exclusive Developer and Franchisee of Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken.
From 1986 through 1996 Mr. Rubinson was Chairman of the Board, President and controlling stockholder of Capital Brands, Inc.  The company was merged into ComScript, Inc. and renamed, and is currently an operating subsidiary of OptiCare.

           In 1985, Mr. Rubinson founded Integrated Equities, Inc. and currently serves as the Chairman and President.  Integrated Equities, Inc. is a diversified investment and consulting company. In 1984, he was the largest stockholder (9.9%) of Atlantic Federal Savings and Loan, now known as Bank Atlantic, a multi billion dollar banking institution. From 1973 to 1976, Mr. Rubinson was a financial consultant.   In April 1976, he was one of the founders of Cache, Inc. , a publicly traded  retailer of high fashion women’s clothing.  During the next 10-1/2 years he was responsible for the growth of the company to over forty stores in nineteen states.  In addition to retailing, the company also manufactured many of the items they sold.  In December 1986 he sold control of the company.

           In 1984, Mr. Rubinson founded Noise Cancellation Technology and served as its Chairman of the Board and a Director until 1987.  During that time the company was the world leader in the field of electronic attenuation of low frequency sound and vibration. From the early 1970’s and continuing today Mitchell has been involved in a variety of public and private companies as an investor, founder, manager, advisor and director.  His extensive experience brings special expertise to the Company.

           Mr. Rubinson is actively involved in a number of philanthropic and community activities. He is a graduate of the Lear School and attended the University of Miami.