Alejandro Santo Domingo

Alejandro Santo Domingo is an Investor/Partner in the Company and is a businessman and financier actively involved in the management of his family’s Company, Grupo Santo Domingo and is the Managing Director for Quadrant Capital Advisors, Inc. located in New York. He sits on the Boards of many of the companies controlled by the Santo Domingo Group. He is a member of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors of Bavaria S.A. Bavaria produces and distributes beer, bottled water, juice drinks, malt beverages, and soft drinks. It sells its products in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Costa Rica. Founded in 1930, it is Colombia's largest brewer, with 98% of the market, and is a leader in malt beverages, juices and water. It is also the 2nd largest beverage company in Latin America. Bavaria was sold to SAB Miller one of the largest brewers in the world ( in 2005 for $7 billion. He is on the Board of SAB Miller.

Mr. Santo Domingo is on the Boards of Aguila S.A., Compañía de Cervezas Nacionales S.A., Cervecería Andina S.A., Cervecería Nacional S.A., Refrescos Nacionales S.A., and Backus & Johnston, in Perú, where he serves as Chairman of the Board.

In addition, he is on the Board of Valores Bavaria, a Colombian Publicly Traded Company, which operates as a Private Equity Fund and actively manages a diversified investment portfolio. Valores Bavaria is one of the largest economic groups in Colombia with sales close to US $1.8 billion, representing 2% of the Colombian GDP, and has over 15,000 employees. Mr. Santo Domingo is a member of the Board of BellSouth Colombia, Media Capital and Caracol Televisión S.A., all of which are related to Valores Bavaria.

Mr. Santo Domingo Dávila was employed at Violy, Byorum & Partners, Investment Bankers, from 1999 to 2002 where he was focused on Mergers & Acquisitions for Telecom, Media and Consumer Goods. He is a graduate of Harvard University and is currently living in New York City.