The Americas Group

The Americas Group (“TAG”) is a consulting, marketing and merchant banking firm focusing its activities on Latin America, Mexico and the Caribbean. The Company develops Latin American market entry strategies for U.S. Companies and United States market entry strategies for Latin American Companies, and then assists them in executing the strategies through a variety of business arrangements.

In order to offer our clients the most comprehensive services we have assembled a diverse and talented group of investor/partners and board members each of whom represent “best of practice” standards in their respective fields. The Americas Group generates income primarily through success fees and participation in royalties from sales, franchises and licensing agreements. Our financial objective is to create a long-term recurring income flow through participation, as a principal or an agent, in a percentage of the sales and royalties generated by the success of our marketing and advisory efforts.

With the “new world economy” of global trading, companies in markets like those in Latin America need to expand their markets and find new ways to make their products and services more competitive. The Company has organized itself in an effort to meet the needs and expectations of these companies by setting up a mechanism to help them enter the US markets and for identifying and bringing proprietary business methods, technologies, brands, franchises and other intellectual property that will help them improve their profitability. We do the same for US companies entering the Latin American markets.

The Company’s senior management has over 35-years of business experience in Latin America. In addition, The Americas Group’s highly qualified and experienced investor/partners and board members help us better ascertain and evaluate business opportunities in Latin America and the United States. They also play a crucial role in identifying and helping with the implementation of our strategy.

The Company believes that the conditions of the markets today are good for offering our products and services. Companies in both Latin America and the United States are being forced by current market conditions to expand their markets and improve their profits. These companies are typically not prepared to deal with the substantial expense, complications and subtleties involved in understanding and entering foreign markets that have different languages, laws, customs, culture, economies, political landscapes, negotiating tactics and business practices; unless someone like The Americas Group makes it easier and more cost effective for them. Our mission is to do just that.

The Americas Group’s Corporate Headquarters are located at The Biltmore, 1200 Anastasia Avenue, Suite 380, Coral Gables, Florida, 33134 and its telephone number is (305) 446-5350