The Americas Group Cuba Business Enterprise

The Americas Group Cuba Business Enterprise (“TAGCBE”) was  formed in 2009 in anticipation of the opening of Cuba to U.S. citizens and business interests.  The   Company is owned by Fuego Enterprises  whose stock symbol is FUGI and The Americas Group (“TAG”) ( The objective of TAGCBE is to provide strategic advice to individuals and companies interested in doing business with Cuba and/or investing in Cuba as regulations permit. We believe that TAG’s 40 years of experience in Latin America coupled with Fuego’s deep relationships and presence in Cuba  will provide the level of  experience and credibility that will make us the dominant “go to” source as Cuba opens. 

       Cuba is one of the great remaining “last frontiers” in the Western Hemisphere which presents enormous opportunities for U.S. business interests - due in part to its size, diverse and beautiful environment and, most significantly, its geographic proximity to the mainland United States. Havana is 90 miles from Key West, Florida and a 45 minute flight from Miami, Florida. Cuba has a 99% literacy rate and its medical system by all metrics is one of the best in the world. In addition, the Cuban people are well known for their warmth and hospitality.

        TAGCBE believes it is timely and important for U.S. Companies to seriously begin monitoring the prospects and environment for doing business in Cuba and to begin tracking the Cuban market and policies so they are prepared to make a move when the regulations permit. Towards that end, Fuego is currently publishing a monthly magazine both physically and electronically  “OnCuba”  and has a news bureau and staff of 28 people in Havana. OnCuba provides news feeds to virtually all of the world’s top news services, periodicals and daily newspapers.  It is our view that the process of opening will be gradual; resulting in a series of steps, such as the  December 17th  , 2014 announcement  by President Obama's that the U.S. and Cuba would re-establish diplomatic relations. In addition,  he authorized, by Executive Order,  some additional sectors open for U.S. individuals and businesses. Since we believe that the opening of Cuba will take place over a period of time and not by some dramatic overnight change; we believe that is all the more reason to monitor changes and events so that our clients will be prepared and among the first to take maximum advantage of the opportunities that will be available.

The Company also believes that there are a number of current opportunities for U.S. Companies to enter the market at this time in sectors that are allowed by the OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control) regulations. In addition, U.S. Companies can enter the Cuban Market today through non-control joint ventures with foreign companies. The principals of The Americas Group Cuba Business Enterprise have deep and extensive relationships with many of the foreign entities currently doing business in Cuba through its 40 year presence of doing business in Latin America and developing markets.

The Americas Group Cuba Business Enterprise has brought together a unique and incomparable management team whose experience in Cuba and in developing and emerging markets is without equal.

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